Monday, October 20, 2008

Why now?

As I was getting ready for Church yesterday morning, I watched Colin Powell endorse Barrack Obama for President. Listening to his rationale, I began to wonder if he was sticking a knife in the proverbial Republican back as pay-back for being the odd-man-out in the G W Bush administration. I've always respected and admired General Powell but now must rethink my position. Up to this point, I would have probably voted for him if he chose to run for President, even though some of his social ideas are in direct conflict with mine. Is this announcement the Democratic Party's "October Surprise"? I personally think it is pay-back as well as a way to jockey for a job in the Obama administration. What a disappointment!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hangin' with General Washington in Williamsburg

This past weekend I made the trip to Williamsburg to participate in their annual "Prelude to Victory" program. There were no real big changes from last year except that we didn't have a skirmish Saturday morning. While reenactor numbers were down (many skipped the weekend as they will be heading to the Battle of the Hook this weekend), spectator numbers seemed about the same. The weekend was still busy with battalion drill, sentry duty and a parade for General Washington. Many friends were there including all my friends with the 6th NC (just too many to name), Howard Helmer and Rob Friar of the 7th VA/HMS Otter and "Dr. Mike" Williams of the Detached Hospital and my own ship's company. While a bit tiring, the weekend was full of fun and I look forward to next year!