Monday, February 25, 2008

He looks familiar......

As I was sitting around with my shipmate, Mike Williams, at Moore's Creek on Saturday, Mike began noting how certain people, either other reenactors or the public, looked like certain actors in the movies he had watched. What a peculiar way to pass the time when we weren't engaging the public about the wares we had displayed before us. There was a gentlemen who resembled someone in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Another lady could have passed for Meryl Streep. Then I pointed out that our militia captain closely resembled Mel Gibson's dog-eating compadre from the Patriot. Of course, there is the fact that I resemble George Costanza that no one seemed to mention. See what kind of fun we living historians have at events?

Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Moore's Creek or bust this weekend....

Well, for the third consecutive weekend, I'm off to fight the war (as some of my non-reenacting friends say). This weekend finds me at Moore's Creek (Currie, NC) for the commemoration of the battle fought there at the beginning of the American Revolution. Patriotic North Carolinians led by the likes of James Moore, Richard Caswell and Alexander Lillington went up against Loyalist North Carolinians led by Donald McCleod and John Campbell. Let's just say that it didn't go very well for the Loyalists as a great number of them were armed with broadswords. For more info about the battle, the site and this weekend's event, go to: . I'll be falling in with the gracious folks of the 6NC portraying patriot militia. I will also be hanging out with my buddy, pal and rum aficionado, Mike Williams, who will be portraying either a sailor or a surgeon, depending on how the mood strikes him. Hopefully, I will also get to shoot the park's swivel gun which is representing Mother Covington's Daughter, Richard Caswell's 1/2 pounder swivel gun. Gotta luv some black powder!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Walking back in time....

This past weekend, I spent a very relaxing, but busy weekend with my crew at Fort Anderson/Brunswick Town State Historic Site. We visit the site every February, portraying Confederate sailors doing duty as torpedo operators. Every year I visit the site, I am amazed at the Fort's condition as the majority of the Fort looks like it did over 140 years ago. I also love this site as has it chosen to interpret ACW torpedoes (mines) and has this awesome display inside with several replicas of infernal machines on display. Said display was designed by my mentor and friend, "Evil" Mike Kochan, who is one of the experts on this type of warfare (What is thy bidding, my master!).

I also found some time Sunday morning to explore the colonial portion of the site and was amazed at the excavated ruins of multiple buildings that date back prior to the American Revolution. What's really neat is that they have identified the structures and have interpretive signs telling you who, what, when and where (for more info on the site, go to: The other neat thing about the site is that embattled Colonial Governor, Josiah Martin, high-tailed it out of the area on board the HMS Cruizer which actually picked him up here. I think its time for the "Royal Navy" to visit again........All hands on deck!